Efficient Video Editing

Some of my readers might not know this, but part of my day job involves video editing for my own projects and for my clients. I usually prefer using Adobe products, mostly because that’s what I have been using for a long time.

Lately for a few projects I have been confronted with a new task, editing GoPro videos. Videos shot on different cameras mounted on various locations and even clips shot from drones. These clips are not like the typical video files I usually work with, they are much longer and need a lot of trimming.

To make this process more efficient and being the nerd that I am about efficiency, I have started a new cheat sheet about these time saving tips. Let me share a few with you, maybe this will help you be more efficient with your GoPro video editing.

Assembly Workspace

To quickly create rough cut in Premiere Pro I like to use the Assembly Workspace.  This is a workspace or layout where you can have all 3 components on screen: the project area, the Program and Source Monitors. Like I said, very useful for quick rough cuts.

Multi Camera

Did you know that there’s a feature in Adobe Premiere Pro that allows you to sync multiple camera clips based on the audio. This feature is a huge time saver for your multi cam projects.

The exact process is described in details here, so I won’t give you to many details, but go ahead and check it out it’s pretty powerful.

Quality Video

The best tip I can give you is to actually shoot with editing in the back of your mind. Avoid shaky videos by using stabilization devices or tripods when possible. Always double check a few clips before leaving the shooting location to ensure you have the quality you need.

Lately I have been shooting mostly with Canon DSLR and with GoPro 5 Black editing. The combinaison of these 2 cameras along with  few accessories like my Manfrotto tripod and for the GoPro stuff I used the Spivo Stick.

That Spivo Stick is a rotating GoPro pole that let’s you rotate the camera 180 degrees by just pressing a button. Very efficient if you ask me. I found a Spivo discount code on this website if you are interested.


So get the best quality of footage possible and learn how to use your preferred video editing software, with these few tips you  should be able to get thru your video editing tasks faster than before.