Getting the Most from this day to improve your Life

Rule number one in thinking positively: today is your only concern. You’ve got no control over the future or the past. Today you are going to get the most of your day while attempting to improve your personal life. To make this happen you need to set up time management plans. You want to incorporate your day to day activities, work, and recreation, chill out time, family time and so on. When you set time plans, you are thriving to spend your time properly. You learn to live for now, instead of tomorrow or yesterday.

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.” – Napoleon Hill

When you prepare your plans, think about how you will deal with the world surrounding you. When you’re sweating their every move, you are wasting time. Rather, say, the world is their own, today is mine. If you must work with others that you can’t really influence, then practice dealing with your fellow staff members respectively. When you learn to respect others, work in order, and try to get along it makes everybody’s life better.

Photo credit: Chris Florence
Photo credit: Chris Florence

Every single day your goal is to select a couple of new strategies that helps you to enhance your personal life. For example, if you are into a daily routine of drinking only one glass of water daily, move to drink two glasses. Improve your health and you improve your personal life. If you do not work out, plan today to walk thirty minutes. That’s not much and it will give you time to clear your head. Plan to exercise walking on a daily basis. The more effort you put into developing a positive you, the more you will get from your works. “Faith without works is dead” the bible tells us. It has proven true far too many times to ignore.

If you’re going to school or working long hours, learn to manage your time as well. Overworking yourself is leading you nowhere but to poor health and to depression. You need to take a break for you. A little time out for yourself. During work hours and school time, you can learn to deal with the complex issues 1st, as well as deal with the dull or boring items first to eliminate stressing your day. When you get past the difficult tasks, you will get moving toward the simple. Here you will find relief, even if you are studying hard or working long hours. Don’t put off what you can do today. Do it now, get it over with and watch as you grow.

Whenever you plan, set a time that is best for you. For instance, if you are a student or worker and do your best job in the early morning, work hard then and relax throughout the day.

Tips for relaxing:

Stretching: You can stretch in the early morning when you wake up, stretch in the afternoon, and stretch at night to relax your muscles.

Stretching has multiple benefits for both your body and your mind. Incorporating stretching into your daily routine allows muscles to be well circulated and ultimately healthier. Source

Do you waste time?

If so, stop. Procrastination is wasting time and generating stress. Instead of putting it off, get it done now. You will be amazed at the free time you will accomplish by stop procrastinating.

Do you spend long hours on the phone or on the internet. If so, then you are forming a habit that will lead you to procrastinate, waste time, and put things off. Forget the phone. Set a time limit per phone call you take, or make. Limit your internet usage for certain period of the day and ask yourself: Is this what I should really be doing?


Saying no is a great way to enhance your own life. Saying no is a positive attitude that takes you to success. If you say yes to each person that consumes your time, you will waste valuable time that guides you nowhere. To learn more on how to say no can improve your life, there’s a book I really recommend reading. It’s called Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Dr Henry Cloud. You can get it on amazon by using the link below.


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